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X2 In Europe

9:07am 11th February 2018





Recently we saw the end of Break Bulk Europe 2014 in Antwerp, Belgium. In case you missed it in our Network News, Weekly Bulletins, or social media sites, our CEO Richard Overton was in full attendance along with X2 Elite members such as FIL, Nielsen Freight, and Fleetline. We would like to extend a special thank you to Fleetline who allowed Richard to set up camp at his booth and help promote our X2 Projects network.

As can be seen in our Network News posts and social media, the CEO of X2 visited a few of our members in Europe, which includes Gate 4 EU and Janssen who hosted Richard and presented him with the opportunity to see the operations of a couple of our European members. Please browse the Network News as it has been flooded recently with events in Europe that also include some excellent pictures of our X2 members at work.

We enjoy visits to our members and interacting them in a personal level, and that is one of the reasons why we emphasize conference attendance. However, we can save more of that discussion for a date closer to the conference that will be announced at a later date.

Richard’s time in Antwerp at the conference saw a significant interest of potential future members for the X2 Projects network and this is something we like to see and would better like to see sustained for the entire future of X2 Logistics Networks. Richard met with as many as 40 substantial meetings with representatives of project freight forwarders and presented to them the concept of X2, its vision, and what it hopes to achieve as the foremost representative of the new generation of logistics network.

We remain excited about the future of X2 Elite, X2 Projects, X2 Cold Chain, X2 Movers, and some as yet unnamed projects and ideas that are in the pipeline. We see a huge opportunity for assisting our members and helping them in developing their business through a more professional approach and a semi-exclusive group format that does not allow every applicant to enter. Applicants have been denied in the past and will continue to do so if they are not professional and do not want to move forward with the group to shift the mindset that has been set by the previous generation.

X2 Logistics Networks offer amazing possibilities and the opportunity to seriously promote yourself in a market that does not suffer from over representation. If you want to be committed to a change in the industry of logistics networking, please contact us today and begin the application process.